1. Raise the bar: Make better meal choices.

The more colors you incorporate into your meals, the more nutrients you’re getting.

2. Waltz yourself to bed for quick naps.

Sleep is very important for overall health, especially because it keeps you more alert.

3. Hop to it!

Get in the steam bath. It’s relaxing for muscles and a boost to your immune system.

4. Foxtrot, lindy hop or hip-hop — however you like to move it, take a high-octane fitness class.

Being part of a class helps motivate you to work out regularly and have the support of others.

5. Step in time.

The more steps, the better, so go for frequent walks.

6. Shake, rattle and roll.

Put on music, sing and dance! Most of all, have fun with your workouts.

7. Dance with a partner.

Running with the stroller or playing on the jungle gym is an easy way to spend time with those around you.

8. Spotlight health.

Fit in exercise like any other appointment in your day to make it a priority.

9. Keep the rhythm going.

Three to four snacks a day between meals help keep up energy.

10. You can-can do it!

Plan ahead and set goals by tailoring your routine according to your personal needs.