The human brain is an interesting organ, how it works and what it does is still a mystery. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind affects our decisions, habits, but still none of us are aware when all these processes take place. Some interesting facts about human psychology are:



1. We are very bad at predicting future events. Sometimes, we overestimate how we would react to future events. For example, we think that getting the dream job or visiting our favorite place will make us immensely happy. But, when that moment finally arrives, we may not feel as happy as we expected to be.

2. Humans are only capable of concentrating on a particular thing for around 10 minutes. After that, we get distracted and our mind starts wandering elsewhere.

3. We spend almost 30 percent of our day daydreaming about things. Fortunately, as discovered by researchers, daydreaming makes us more creative and improves our problem-solving skills.

4. Although many people claim to be good at multitasking, but actually humans are not able to multitask. Our brain is able to process only one higher-function task at a time. You may listen to music while working, but actually either you will be listening to music and ignoring the work, or concentrating on your work and ignoring the music. It is not possible to do two things at once.

5. When we are in a group and someone cracks a joke, everyone generally starts laughing. You will notice that while laughing in a group, we automatically make eye contact with the person who is the closest to us in that particular group.

6. Most of the decisions that we take in our everyday life are made subconsciously. This is because our brain receives around eleven million bits of information every second and it is not possible to go through all of it consciously.

7. Our brain never stops working, even when we sleep. While sleeping, our brain sorts out the data gained during the previous day and forms new associations.

8. It is believed that it takes us 66 days to form a habit. If we manage to go to the gym or exercise for 66 days, then it will become a habit for us.

9. All the advertisements that we see daily have an effect on our mood or desire. But, we are not able to realize it. However, we can clearly see the effect of advertising on others- this is known as the ” Third Person Effect”.

10. Although we always prefer more options to choose from, but we are able to choose better when there are fewer options. An experiment was conducted in this regard. There were two tables of jams. One table had 24 different kinds of jams while the other had only 6 different kinds of jams. It was found, that the table with fewer options managed to sell 6 times more than the other one.

11. Humans always have the tendency to compare themselves with others. More money doesn’t make us happy but more money than our neighbors does.

12. When we remember a past event, we actually remember the last time we remembered it. This is why our memories gradually fade away.